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snarky yet melancholy folk-pop poetry

Rachel Marie

Audiobook Narration

Rachel Marie Schachter (she/they) is an actor, vocalist, and music teacher whose love of books began before they can remember. As a queer, nonbinary femme, they love lending their voice to authentic, messy women and queer characters, and especially bringing to life positive representation for younger listeners. Whether narrating literary fiction, magical realism, fantasy, or thriller, Rachel eats up stories with complex characters who reflect, learn, and grow.


Rachel is trained vocally in styles from Medieval chant and Baroque opera to pop, country, and musical theatre, and gets a kick out of infusing her acting roles with singing when the opportunity presents itself. As a songwriter, Rachel produces and publishes their own work as Rachel Marie. When not acting or singing, Rachel takes lots of walks in the woods with their dog, chops wood, practices reading and writing in Spanish, and works to make the communities they’re part of more equitable.

Narration Samples


Summer of Sara by Alexandra Rusch

Free-spirited Sara Maloney has a peaceful getaway for one planned at the Jersey shore, compliments of her former boss. Yet her summer of crafting, sun, and reflection takes an unexpected turn when the clumsy yet sassy artist comes face-to-face (or is it butt-to-face?) with Erik Hanson, the scrumptious homeowner next door.

Sara never planned on starting a new chapter so soon after her marriage and job ended. But she soon finds she’s drawn to her bestselling author neighb
or and his inquisitive, lonely teenage daughter. It doesn’t hurt that their dogs have become fast friends.

Are Sara’s summer plans about to change in a big way? Or will the calculating seductress who’s moved into a neighboring beach home snatch away her happiness?

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